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Ballas Associates Announces Our New Service:

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Today more people are connecting to the Internet via broadband connections without understanding the risks they are exposing their computer systems to. There is no one simple fix or patch that can protect your home or office network against malicious code, viruses, and hackers. Vulnerabilities like these require a multilateral solution that includes up-to-date so that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data are never compromised.

Is Your Computer Vulnerable?

Do you currently use a computer running Microsoft Windows?
Do you have a Cable, DSL or Frame Relay (full time) Internet Connection?
Are your Computers attached to a network  (shared resources)?
Is your Anti-Virus more than 1 week old?
Is your last complete scan more than 2 weeks old?
Is your last Backup more than 3 weeks old?
Does your computer crash or freeze up?
Does your Internet service or computer performance seem unusually slow?
Do you want someone else to take care of these regular tasks?

May sound like simple questions, but If you answered YES to two or more of these questions than it is very likely that you face a number of security risks by being connected to the Internet.  These risks can make your computer vulnerable to certain viruses and worms that can destroy your information and use your computer as a host to infect other computers.  It can also mean that information stored on your hard drive that you assume is safe is really accessible to anyone who wants to exploit it.  Our new
SecuredSurf Network Security Management service designed to address these concerns and keep your network safe from attacks.  We also offer disaster planning and recovery services for those who want to take the extra step in protecting themselves in the event of a natural disaster.  Call us at (203) 792-2300 for more information or send an email to

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