Handling the ThinkPad

                                                  Handling the ThinkPad computer


By using common sense and by following these handling tips, you will get the most use and enjoyment out of your computer for a long time to come..


Notebook computers are precision machines that require careful handling. Though your computer is designed and tested to be a durable notebook computer that functions reliably in normal work environments, you need to use some common sense in handling it.


ThinkPad don'ts


A scratchlike marking on your LCD might be a stain transferred from the keyboard (including from the TrackPoint stick) when the cover was pressed from the outside. Wipe such a stain gently with a dry soft cloth. If the stain remains, moisten the cloth with LCD cleaner and wipe the stain again. Be sure to dry the LCD before closing it.



ThinkPad do's


Treat your computer like precision electronic machinery.


Cleaning your computer


Occasionally clean your computer as follows:



Carrying your computer


When carrying your computer, follow these instructions to prevent possible damage to your computer and data:

1. Remove any media from the CD-ROM drive or diskette drive.

2. Turn off all attached devices.

3. Power off the computer, or enter suspend or hibernation mode; then close the LCD. Make sure the suspend indicator is on when the computer is in suspend mode, or the power indicator is off when it is powered off or in hibernation mode.

4. Unplug all external cables and cords connected to your computer.

5. Make sure all computer doors and covers are closed.

6. Use a quality carrying case that provides adequate cushion and protection.


Do not move the computer when the hard disk drive is accessing data—that is, when the indicator is blinking. Make sure the indicator is off before you carry the computer.


Extending the life of your computer's battery


The amount of battery power consumed by your computer depends on such conditions as the frequency of use, the operating temperature, and the period in storage (if unused). The following tips can help you to extend the life of your battery:


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